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The Wing Story
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Enjoying my semi-retirement I've moved out of state to the country to apprecaite some peace and quiet. Some good fishin' and plenty of room for the dogs to run. I stay in touch on a daily basis with my management crew and occasionally pop in for various reasons as after thirty four years it's still my home and I just can't stay away. Recently on June 22, 2021, I just happened to be at the Mug for that afternoon when I was called upon by Ty Denney's son that wanted to talk to me. I sat down with Jaxon and his girlfriend to visit as Jaxon proceeded to tell me that his dad had recently passed away. Saddened as we were we had a nice chat. During the course of that conversation I was surprised that Jaxon didn't know the wing story. So I shared it with him as I will now with anyone who may care to take a few minutes to read it in respectful memory of his father 

James Tyree Denney born January 03, 1964 he was 57.


When we first opened in June of 1987, we opened as Mugsy's Pub, Fine Food & Spirits featuring a fruit, vegetable and steak of the day. We had an assortment of other sandwiches and salads and fried pickles and such but we did not have wings. You heard right, we didn't have wings. But we did have a customer that kept telling us we should sell wings. As we were steadfast in sticking with our menu as was said customer, Ty Denney took up a petition and had 30 people sign it requesting we sell wings. Well that was a first! I'd never heard of such a thing. A customer taking a petition for a menu change? Well, I listened. I went to my kitchen manager George and we discussed adding wings to the menu. Not having any sauces I called an old friend Bob "Huey" Landry a long time chef at Central Station. Huey said, "well use this, there's your mild sauce and add this and that there's your wild sauce." And we were ready to go. From there throughout the years we picked up steam creating many more sauces and our sales took off. We got lucky due to one man, Ty Denney. That one customer taking up that petition and runnings with his request. Quite frankly without Ty sticking with his guns and talking us in to it, it's a good question as to where we would be today if we hadn't listened to him. Last night July 5th there was a Celebration of Life for Ty Denney at Cadillac Jack's with over 100 attending. The place was packed, there was no where to park. Ty had a lot of friends and they came out to remember him and tell some good stories. 

RIP Ty Denney, I will truly never forget you and will be proud to share this story again and again as I am thankful to have known you and to realize that you never know who you might meet in life that may have such an unsuspecting yet amazing effect on your life. Rest in peace my friend.