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St. Paddy's Day 2021

Stop in today and get your Mugsy's Keeper 14 oz St Paddy's Mug for $3.00 full of Michelob Ultra draft. Bring this mug back everyday til the end of this March, get whatever draft beer you choose and you'll get an extra 2 oz of that beer at no extra charge. Then before you leave, make sure our bartender washes out your mug so you don't get busted for transporting open beer. Supplies are limited so get on it.

Then on St. Paddy's Day Michelob Ultra Draft is CHEAP!


We Have 14 Beers on Tap

Small Brewery Craft Beers are Available in Flights, 12 oz. Mugs, or Pints.

Our Usual Selections - Budweiser, Miller Lite, Ultra, Blue Moon, Strongbow.

Rotating Brands - Goose Island, Revolution

This page will be updated someday. It's tough to plan during tyrannical shutdowns.

We Rotate 5-6 Brands One Keg at a Time to Entertain Your Taste Buds

Stop in or give us a call (309) 827-2628

For more info on our beer selection.

  Beginning with the New Year 2021 

    Monday - Friday  Happy Hour 3:30pm - 6:00pm 

Good Deals - Good Times!

                $1.50 Bud, Mich Ultra, or Lite drafts of a 12 oz mug 

                $ 2.25 domestic bottles

                $ 2.50 wells

                $ 3.50 basic calls

                $ 4.00 premium calls

Our regular prices for these included specials are as follows:

Bud, Michelob Ultra, or Miller Lite Draft, 12 oz. = $2.50 * Pitchers = $9.50

Domestic Bottles = $3.25 > Bud, Bud Light, Bud Select, Bud Select 55, Michelob, Ultra, Rolling Rock, Coors Light, Miller High Life, MGD, Miller Lite, 64, Amberbock, Bush, Bush Light.

Well Drinks = $3.50 > Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whiskey.

Basic Call Drinks = $4.50 >  Seagrams 7, Jim Beam, Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Fireball, Dr. Menthol, UV flavors.

Premium Call Drinks = $5.00 > Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, Absolut, Ketel One, Stoli, Cuervo, Jameson, Tangueray, Pinnacle.

But Wait! Look for Great Daily and Monthly Specials As Well.