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Lockdown Questions
Who knows?

If lockdowns work, then how come we're still doing lockdowns?

Did you know that a Kiwi, a Paw Paw fruit, a cola, and a goat all tested positive for covid? Here is a link for more information.


I was in a Menards the other day and upon entry there is a big sign where they stated that because of their square footage they could have up to 7000 people in their store at one time. Seriously?

Did you know that the infection rate for restaurants and bars is under 2%?

The seeds of the American Revolution were planted by those who met in ye old public houses such as restaurants or taverns and in churches. Do you see now why they've isolated us from each other?

What's up with the curfew in restaraunt/bars gotta shut down at 10:30pm?